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Updated 6 months ago

Clothing Care and Washing Instructions

We think there's only one thing worse than leaving your headphones at home on leg day, and that's not caring for your new 'fits, so we've put together a few helpful tips to care for your favourite workout 'fits.

Read the care label

From bottles and bags to leggings and hoodies, we’d always recommend reading the care label on your new items before washing them. It seems like an easy one, but doing this first will help you avoid any washing, drying or ironing errors at the wrong setting. So read the care label and make sure you understand those symbols, too!

Wash your clothes inside out

We're just being honest here - sweat, dead skin cells and bacteria accumulate on the inside of your garments, which can cause it to smell worse than your 3 day old protein shaker (yeah, sorry about that). By washing your clothes inside out though, will ensure a more thorough clean - that's a win!

Wash at low or cold temperatures

We're preaching and we're ok with that - Washing on too high a heat can waste a lot of energy, so save that energy to hit your next PB and wash your sportswear at 30°C or below where you can.

Avoid the Tumble Dryer

All that heat and agitation from tumble drying will shorten the lifespan of your sportswear and we don't want that! Wherever possible, air dry those 'fits to preserve their elasticity, logos, and prints for longer. Air drying will also save energy and greenhouse gas emissions, so you can do your bit for the environment when caring for your 'fits.

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