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Fake Gymshark Accounts and Websites

Updated 5 months ago

The wannabes are back... Don't get got!

As Gymshark grows as a global brand, more and more fake websites and fake product enter the market, but don't worry, we've got your back!

Counterfeiters have become incredibly skilled at making some pretty convincing fake Gymshark advertisements, which, when clicked on, will direct you to a website claiming to sell bona fide Gymshark clothing, however, it's likely they're fake!

How to spot a fake

Check for the Blue Verified tick;

  • If you see an ad on social media from "Gymshark" but there's no blue tick - that's not us.

  • If you see an ad on social media that sells "Gymshark" items, but the listed URL preview isn't - that's not us.

  • If someone reaches out to you offering a "sponsorship deal" but there's no blue tick on their account - that's not us.

  • Avoid: anything with errors - if an ad has odd formatting, strange or poor-quality images, or spelling/grammar mistakes, don't click on it as it won't be the real Gymshark.

When looking for the official Gymshark website, be sure to check the URL;

  • If you see a Google ad for a "Gymshark Sale" or a site that sells "Gymshark" items, but the URL isn't - that's not us.

  • Avoid: website URL's that have weird names such as or  - that's not us. The real, official Gymshark website is simply,

For more helpful tips on how to spot a fake website and to avoid falling victim of fraud, head to our Fakes Blog on Gymshark Central.

Fake social media accounts

Unfortunately, we regularly see a number of fake Gymshark accounts claiming to be "PR co-ordinators" or members of the "Gymshark Sponsorship" team, offering individuals a placement in their sponsorship programme - That's also not us.

Our Partnerships team would NEVER;

  • Ask for any of your personal details, such as address or bank account details

  • Offer any "samples" or "product testing sessions" or "photoshoots"

  • Ask you to send over any pictures, of any kind!

I think I've been the victim of a fake website...

If you think you've been a victim of a fake website, or have been contacted by someone you don't trust, please report it!

We're working extremely hard with our own internal Brand Protection teams as well as external parties such as the Police, to ensure you have the best possible experience, but... we need your help!

You can submit a report form to our Internal Brand Protection Team via the button below;


We also ask that you please, please report the fake account to the social media platforms in question and/or the police if you've provided any personal images and/or details.

If you've made a purchase from a website you think is fake, please speak to your Bank provider, as they may be able to help! Alternatively, our Customer Support team are always on hand to help if you have any questions.

If you have a question or need any help identifying if your shopping via the official Gymshark or need any help please feel free to contact our Customer Support team, anytime.

Stay safe out there!

More Questions?

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