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Updated 6 months ago

How can I contact you?

We always aim to make your Gymshark experience as seamless as possible (pun intended) but sometimes you may need a little help.

Contacting us is fast and easy, simply;

  • Open the chat widget icon located in the bottom right of this page

  • Fill in any fields the Gymshark Bot asks for with as much detail as you can

  • The bot will then find you the perfect human* agent to support with your query (*if required)

Please only start one conversation at a time. Don't worry, our team will be in contact as quickly as we can. Contacting through multiple channels for the same query may delay response times for you and other customers.

For media and press enquiries please email

For general business enquiries please email

How do I contact Gymshark by email?

We're available 24/7! Please send your email to

Be sure to include as much information as possible such as;

  • Order number (#UK123456)

  • Email address

  • A description of your issue

  • Supporting images (if applicable)

This will allow us to answer any questions you have as quickly as possible. You can expect a reply within 24 hours, except during busy sale periods, which may take slightly longer.

For a faster response though, we'd encourage using our chat function icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Why doesn't Gymshark have a phone number?

Gymshark does not have a call centre and we're not set up to handle high volumes of phone calls.

The Gymshark brand was built online, including our customer support. Though you may receive an automated response every once in a while, all channels are manned by human staff who are eager to help you out, quickly and efficiently.

More Questions?

Please contact our support team here.

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