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The Gymshark Training App

Updated 5 months ago

What is The Gymshark Training App?

The Gymshark Training App brings a new world of training to life, uniting the Gymshark community in one central place. Explore the workout library, create your own workouts/plans and track your progress every step of the way.

Where can I get The Gymshark Training App?

The app is available for download in most locations. For iOS, you can download via the App Store and for Android users, via the Google Play Store. We're working hard in making the app available in all regions very soon!

What features are available in the app?

The pp has been developed with you in mind, helping you reach your fitness goals. From lifting to HIIT to Yoga and everything in between, The Gymshark Training App is in your corner.

Here's just some of the many features of The Gymshark Training App;

  • Gym and Home workouts & plans

  • Follow along our pre-programmed workouts selected by you depending on your preferences e.g by type, duration, equipment or body part

  • Follow the same workouts used by your favourite Gymshark athletes

  • Create your own custom workouts, sets and reps

  • Step-by-step exercise videos for all ability levels

  • Track your workouts & progress

Oh, and did we mention their is no cost to download or access The Gymshark Training App, it's 100% free and there are no ads, subscriptions, or additional charges!

More Questions?

Please contact our support team here.

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