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Delete My Gymshark Account

Updated a month ago

Want to delete your Gymshark account and all associated data? No problem!

In order to protect your data, we need you to verify your email address before we can begin the deletion process.

Please be warned if you follow the process below, all your data will be removed. This includes all your previous Gymshark orders on the website and Gymshark App if you’ve shopped with us previously and all your previous training activity on the Gymshark Training App if you’ve trained with us previously.

As this is your login for the Gymshark website, Gymshark App and Gymshark Training App, you will not be able to view any previous data once we have completed this process.

Please note the below will occur once this is actioned:

  • Your Gymshark account on our website, Gymshark App and Gymshark Training App will be deleted

  • This will include all clothing orders that you have purchased with us

  • This will include all training activity if you’ve trained with us

If you're okay with this, please click the 'Delete My Account' button below to complete our ID verification process and to confirm your erasure request. When you have completed this, our team will action your request as soon as possible and will update you as soon as this request has been fulfilled!

Please note, that this can take up to 30 calendar days to be actioned. However, we will aim to complete this request as soon as possible.

Delete my account

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