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The Gymshark Lifting Club Rules

Updated 11 days ago

The Gymshark Lifting Club Rules

All employees of Gymshark Ltd (“Members”), their nominated associates (“Associate Members”), guests and other people visiting (“Guests”) the Gymshark Lifting Club must comply with these Rules.

Please read these before you sign the membership form and/or access the Gymshark Lifting Club – if you don’t agree to and follow them, you won’t be allowed in! The membership form and these Rules make up our (Gymshark Ltd’s) agreement with you to use the Gymshark Lifting Club.

We don’t want to have to come down heavy on you, but there are rules and if you don’t comply it’s your bad! If you breach the rules our coaches may ask you to leave the Gymshark Lifting Club.

Associate members and/or guests may have their membership and/or access terminated.

We can make changes to these Rules from time to time – if we do, you’ll be notified via the Gymshark Lifting Club App (“App”) and the changes will be effective immediately. You can also get a copy of these rules from front of house at GSHQ, Gymshark Lifting Club and the document/waivers section on the App.


Guests – Members can book one day guest passes for business purposes i.e. a visiting athlete. We know you’re busy, but please give us 24 hours’ notice! Members can also book guest passes (similar to the blue lanyard pass at GSHQ) if they are showing someone around the gym area. Passes are granted at our discretion. Guests must sign in at GSHQ (just up the road from the Gymshark Lifting Club) to receive their pass.

No pass no entry – Keep your pass safe and bring it with you every time you want to use the Gymshark Lifting Club. Don’t let anyone else use it or we could terminate your membership! All passes must be returned if your membership terminates for any reason.

Opening times

Gymshark Lifting Club is open:-

You must cease training 15 minutes before and leave the Gymshark Lifting Club at the closing time.

Lifting or Classes?

Gymshark Lifting Club timetables, coaches and classes might change – wherever possible we will let you know as far in advance as possible! Please check with the Gymshark Lifting Club or front of house at GSHQ if you have any questions.

You must pre-book classes to ensure you can join in.

What to wear?

Keep it real and dress appropriately for your activity – keep your tops on! and please, don’t bring muddy training shoes into the Gymshark Lifting Club!. No open toe shoes (e.g. flip flops, sandals) or bare feet when lifting.

Lockers – your property, your responsibility

Lockable lockers are provided in the changing areas and are for daily use only (padlocks left on when you are not in the gym or overnight will be removed and the contents emptied! and are subject to availability. You are welcome to bring your own padlock but note that we do not guarantee that your property will be safe at all times. There are also some open storage units provided in the gym area.

Keep your valuables at home!

Play nicely – we are a family after all!

Don’t let your behaviour or conduct impact upon others enjoyment of the Gymshark Lifting Club – that means when you are in the Gymshark Lifting Club:

Health & Safety – Look after yourself

Before you start a fitness program, you should consult your GP or another appropriate health care professional to determine if its right for you. If they advise against it, don’t start and seek further medical advice before doing so. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or shortness of breath at any time whilst exercising, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice. Please report any injuries you sustain whilst at the Gymshark Lifting Club to one of our coaches.

You must enter and exit the Gymshark Lifting Club through the main entrance. Fire exists are clearly marked and must be kept clear at all times (don’t mess with the fire doors!).

Make sure you warm up and cool down before doing cardiovascular or resistance training. If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment ask and get instruction from the Gymshark Lifting Club coaches – don’t just have a go, as you could risk injuring yourself or others. If you are not a regular gym goer, please book an induction (our coaches are super helpful and knowledgeable) – these can be booked via the App.

Let one of our coaches know ASAP if you see or notice any damaged or defective equipment.

All sparring must be supervised by one of our coaches – sessions can be booked on the App. If you are using the combat studio and/or sparring, you must wear appropriate safety equipment.

You must not bring an external personal trainer or act as a personal trainer (paid or otherwise) unless agreed with us.

Car Parking

You can use our car park when you are using the Gymshark Lifting Club but don’t leave it there overnight or whilst you are off doing other things.

The legal stuff

We choose to give you this membership - it is a perk; it can be withdrawn at any time! We may also transfer our responsibilities to you under these rules to another member of the Gymshark group at any time.

Any reference to you throughout this document is a reference to a Member, Associated Member or Guest.

Our liability to you

We don’t exclude or limit our responsibility to you where it is unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors. However, this does not mean that we are responsible for any personal injury or death caused as a result of you using the Gymshark Lifting Club – please refer also to the “health & safety” guidance above.

We are not liable to pay you compensation for any loss or damage you suffer which is not reasonably foreseen by us and/or is your fault or that of another Member. Neither will be responsible for loss of damage to your property on our premises or as a result of the facilities not being available for you to use.

Privacy Policy

We take our obligation to protect your personal data serious – details of how we may use and process your personal data are set out in our Privacy Policy

What laws apply

The Gymshark Lifting Club Rules and accompanying membership for are governed by English law and you can bring proceedings in the English courts.

More Questions?

Please contact our support team here.

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