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Gymshark London, our first physical store, is much more than just a 'retail shop'. We've created a space that will truly unite the conditioning community - from special events, workout classes and much much more!

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You know you need to come and see us...

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Opening Times:

Monday: 10am-8pm

Tuesday: 10am-8pm

Wednesday: 10am-8pm

Thursday: 10am-8pm

Friday: 10am-8pm

Saturday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 11:30am-6pm (11:30-12:00 browsing only)

*Bank holiday opening times may vary

What experiences are available at Gymshark London?

We have a range of experiences and features within the store, some that don’t require a booking and some that do. You’re free to browse the store, make a return or pick up an order, visit Joe & The Juice and hang out in our community space, ‘The Hub’, without a booking.

Experiences that require a booking range from our virtual and in-store 121 shopping experiences, workout classes in the ‘Sweat Room’ and 121 sessions at the ‘Pro Bench’.

To find out more about what we have to offer, head to our Blog, Gymshark Central

How do I book onto a store experience?

To book onto any of our in-store experiences such as our exercise classes or personal shopping, you’ll need to make a booking via the Gymshark App. Here’s how;

  • Download the Gymshark App from the app store on your device.

  • Once on the app, under the ‘Account’ section, open ‘Settings’ and select the ‘United Kingdom’ store

  • Re-open the Menu, head to the ‘Gymshark Regent St’ section and either hit ‘Make A Booking’ or check out ‘What’s on’ to explore the range of experiences in store

  • Make a booking for your chosen experience

  • Add to your Calendar on your device

Spend the rest of the week counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until your experience!

How do I cancel a booking?

If you can’t make your booking or simply change your mind, you can quickly and easily cancel the booking within the app. Simply;

  • Open up the Gymshark App

  • Head to ‘My Bookings’

  • Click the 3 dots on the booking you wish to cancel

  • Select ‘Cancel Booking’

The booking will then be highlighted in red to confirm it has been cancelled.

How can I see the full schedule?

You can see all the exciting things we have to offer under the ‘Gymshark Regent St’ section under ‘What’s On’. Here you’ll be able to filter our experiences, read a brief description of what the experience is all about and make a booking.

Want to see everything we have to offer on a particular date? Use the ‘Make A Booking’ section to filter to a particular day and see all experience types in one place!

What if an experience is fully booked?

If an experience is fully booked it will be highlighted within the app and will not be able to be booked onto. Unfortunately, if an experience is highlighted in the app as being fully booked, we do not operate a waitlist system and our Customer Support team won’t be able to help you book onto this experience.

You can however check what other experiences we have to offer that are available on any selected day under the ‘Make A Booking’ section.

Can I bring plus-one to a booking?

Well… yes and no.

If you have booked onto an exercise class in the ‘Sweat Room’ or a session at the ‘Pro Bench’, your booking is confirmed for yourself only, meaning unfortunately you won’t be able to bring a plus-one as part of your booking. Sorry to be awkward, but this is so we comply to Health & Safety Regulations.

However, your plus-one is more than welcome to book onto the same class via the app to secure their slot. They can do this following the steps above under “How do I book onto a store experience”.

As part of the process when making a booking for 121 Shopping, you'll be asked if you’re bringing someone with you under the ‘Your Preferences’ section. This is an optional field, however we encourage you to fill this in so we can tailor your booking to ensure you have the best experience with us!

Don't have access to the app or having trouble making a booking?

If you’re having trouble using the app or booking onto an experience or have any general feedback about how we could make things better, please let us know!

More Questions?

Please contact our support team here.

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